Quality Control
With our quality control system using high efficient measuring equipment, we can control all quality criteria of physical, chemical, and microbiological characteristics

All products will be tested by our professional laboratory and external certified laboratory to ensure that our products, will bring the most customers’ satisfaction. By concentrating on products, today Premium Foods not only becomes a specialist in high-standard dehydration system but also is recognized as a key leading manufacturer of the best quality dehydrated products.

Primary Production

We have committed to take care of quality of our agricultural products by encouraging and educating agriculturists in terms of species selection, cultivation processes and use of chemicals to manage and control quality of raw materials before reaching factory.


We have valued excellent quality on every step of our production processes with emphasis on food safety and highest customer satisfaction.

Food Safety Management

We have strived to develop excellent products to be leader in dried food industry with focus on food safety and legal requirement on product quality and continuous customer satisfaction.